About Me

Franci graduate as a technician of photography in the high school. She continues her studies in Milan in makeup and hairdressing. After having lived in London, in 2006, she moved back to Milan, where it follows the course of specialization in “theatrical makeup & wigs ” at the academy of Theater of la Scala. She starts her career in theaters among which: Theater of La Scala, Theater Regio in Turin and Theater Nazionale for worldwide musical company “Stage Entertainment “ with the musical “Beauty and the Beast”. At the same time, Franci works as make up artist with photographers and for television. Since 2013 years, Franci is based in Berlin, where she works as freelance Hair & Makeup artist.



Alex Mirtschink,Alfredo Albanesi,Aviv Kosloff,Bennart Brende,Carsten Sander,Christian Doppelgatz,Debora Barnaba,Dirk Mathesius,Evelyn Bencicova,Felix Muller,Fredrik Altinell,Guido Castiglioni,Jean de Olivera,Lara Celeza,Louis Vignat,Mika Ceron,Nico Stinghe,Peter Wiliams,Philip Kaminiak,Philip Meinwelt,Riccardo Malberti,Shira Keila,Stefan Dotter,Tobias Wirth,Tom Lenke,Vincenzo Laera, Federico Reyes


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